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Känna lugnet

Winter Hiking

A different experience of nature.

Hiking has become very popular again - most people hike in summer, maybe a little bit in autumn. But did you know that it works well in winter, too? You don't have to travel to the mountains to experience calm forests and frozen lakes. 

Winterwandern im Schnee

Winter hiking in and around Ulricehamn is absolutely fantastic.

Here are some trails we recommand:

  • Vildmarksleden (Vildmark trail)
  • Komosse
  • Dalumsleden (Dalum trail)
  • Blidsbergs trails with start in Bygdegården

Important before you start:

If you should be on a longer hike:

Check your equipment before you start, e.g. Snowshoes, stove, headlamp, sunglasses, first aid, etc

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