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Unvind and lay back

Relaxation & Renewal

To relax from everyday life is becoming more important.

After all, a healthy body is the shell for a healthy mind. A healthy mind is the driving force for a positive, active life.
Surrounded by tranquil forests and quiet lakes, guests in Skotteksgården and Ulricehamn will find many opportunities to relax and recharge their batteries.

Sauna-Barrel with lake view

Our wood-fired sauna-barrel is located near the reception and is a wonderful place to relax and unwind. The large panoramic window lets in sunlight and nature. Sit back, enjoy the pleasant warmth and the magical view of the lake in front of the window. Together with family or friends the sauna is a wonderful activity all year round.
Larger groups can rent our sauna in the Rose House.

300 Sek for 3 hours, incl. wood, max. 6 persons

Sauna Rose House:
1000 Sek for 3 hours, from 7-12 persons

Ulricehamns Kallbadhuset

Right in the center of Ulricehamn, built on piles in the lake, lies Ulricehamn's Kallbadhus. The current bathhouse was opened in 2008 but has had two older predecessors. A first bath house was established in 1871. Today, relaxation is offered for both body and soul, every day, year round. In addition to dipping in the lake, there are also opportunities for spa treatments and sauna.
Enjoy good food and great views of the city and the lake in Restaurant Kallbadhuset.

Contact information:
Ulricehamns Kallbadhus
Ågatan 12
523 37 Ulricehamn
Telephone: +46 72 54 16 574

Mitt i Sjön - Spa at Kallbadhuset

„Mitt i sjön“ is an oasis for relaxation and recovery. You will this spa in Ulricehamn's Kallbadhus, right in the city center at the lake. Here you can enjoy, among other things, a hot massage with hot lava stones or a classic full body massage. There is always a dip in Lake Åsunden and a visit to the beautiful sauna included.

Contact information:
Mitt i Sjön
52337 Ulricehamn
Telephone: +46 321 148 55


Indoor swimming pool and sports hall

The swimming and sports hall consists of a swimming pool, a sports hall and a gym.
The swimming pool offers swimming pools, whirlpool, water slide, sauna and play area  for children between 0-7 years.
Especially during the colder months, the swimming pool is popular with residents and visitors.

Contact information:
Sim- och Sporthallen
Tre Rosors väg 2 A
52386 Ulricehamn
Telephone: +46 321 595900


Christinas Andrum Hökerum

At Säby Manor on Lake Mogden, between Hökerum and Timmele, you are welcome to take a break in a rich and relaxing environment. Here is the environment is set up for recovery, rest and fort he opportunity to reflect. Christinas Andrum offers relaxing, inspiring and health-promoting activities for all senses.

Contact information:
Christinas Andrum
Säby Säteri
52398 Hökerum
Telephone: +46 705 87 24 67

Homepage: Christinas Andrum

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