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Ulricehamn, beautifully situated by the lake Åsunden and surrounded by rolling hills, is a small and charming town and part of the Sjuhärad region. Here you can combine wonderful nature with culture, good food and shopping. At Ulricehamns Pedistrian Zone there are many restaurants and cafes with both traditional Swedish and international cuisine. Walk along the old cobblestone road in the center and find great deals in the various shops. Get yourself a coffee and take a break on the pier with views of the lake. Watching the sunset with the Kallbadhuset as background is absolutely amazing.

There is much more to discover outside the city. Embark on a journey of discovery through our wonderful cultural heritage. Spread out like small dots you will find farm shops and cozy, unique cafés that are run with heart and passion for a lively landscape. Experience and discover the real Sweden.

Pedistrian Zone Ulricehamn

Trade routes through Ulricehamn have existed since the Middle Ages and today's pedestrian zone was an important trading center. Many of the buildings along the cobblestone walkway date from the early 18th and 19th centuries. Today the center is a mix of well-known branded shops and boutiques. Several restaurants offer very good food. Coffee and homemade pastries are available in the city's bakeries. 
Best conditions for an entertaining and relaxing shopping experience.

Shopping in Ulricehamn

Gällstad – Outlet-Center

Only a few minutes by car from Ulricehamn is the small shopping village Gällstad, which is known for its large selection of national and international brands.
Gällstad is a place with a long tradition and history in textile development and trade. There have been smart entrepreneurs selling clothing in the region in the last century, and the tradition still lives today with companies like Lager 157, Seger and Ivanhoe.
Gällstad's large assortment will keep you busy for quite some time, because here you will find shoes, clothing, underwear, sporting goods, decor, accessories and much more.

Shopping in Gällstad

Countryside Shops

Beautiful located between gentle rolling hills and shimmering lakes, there are various initiatives that are conducted with passion for a vibrant countryside, with consideration for the environment and with personal commitment. Distributed throughout the area and the neighboring communities, you will find a part of our cultural and natural heritage.
Take a ride by car or bicycle and discover farms, bakeries, cafes, handicrafts, furniture and much more. The opening hours vary. Have a look at their websites or make a call to be sure they are open.

Taste the Countryside

Loppis - Flea market

During the summer it is quite a fun activity for many to go on a treasure hunt at one of the many flea markets.
And in addition, it is really climate smart to give old things a second life.
Most of the flea markets just pop up during the summer. If you are out on a trip by car or bicycle you just follow the signs on the roads and you usually end up on an old farm with rustic antiques or at a flea market organized by children or associations.And then there are also real antique shops with regular opening hours year round.


A really good place to look for antiques is Limmared with 14 antique and retro shops. Here you will find everything from antique furniture and clocks to vases and dresses with a retro look. Remember to have cash with you.

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