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Active on the water


Discover nature in harmony with the water and yourself.

Canoeing on lake

The lake lays quietly in the morning. Hills and forests are reflected in the water and a beautiful summer day is ahead of you. Best time to go canoeing. It is absolutely wonderful to glide across the lake and listen to the water, to the wind, to yourself.
Small islands scattered across the southern part of the lake are the perfect places to rest. Time to take a break with some food before the next part of your tour. Why not fish a little? Or bring binoculars to watch the birds.

Canoe rental at Skotteksgården

With us you can rent canoes for your adventure on Lake Åsunden. Our canoes are made of aluminum and you sitt stable and safe in them. Safety first - life jackets are a must. If you do not have your own, life jackets are available for rent.


1 hour: 50 SEK
Halv day (10am-3pm): 200 SEK
Life jacket: 30 SEK

Canoeing on river Jälmån

Why not take a day trip and go canoing on the river Jälmån?
Jälmån is a narrow river with slowly flowing water. Several windshields with fireplaces make it easy to take a break.
You either have your own canoe with you or you book a tour with Turista in Nittorp.
The tour starts at Nyfors, 2 km south of Dalstorp and ends in Gisslarp about 7 km downstream. If you want to paddle a little longer you end up either in Ryfors (about 2 km south of Nittorp) or Brandsmo (5 km south of Ryfors). The route is varied, has no rapids and requires only one lift at Ryfors. 
We are happy to help with reservations.

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